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Game Processing

After your successful harvest, clients have two questions. How will I process my animal for consumption and how will I prepare my trophy for the taxidermist?


Processing - On site, we have a stand-alone processing room fully equipped with stainless steel tables and special walls and lights which provide a sanitary environment for the breakdown and processing of your harvest. We have a local butcher on standby who can prepare your game in a way that makes sense for you. We can debone, freezer wrap, vacuum seal, and provide several different cuts of your meat to your liking.   Fees can range from  $ 75- $ 150.


Taxidermy - Turn your trophy into a lifetime of memories. We have several world-class taxidermists in the area that we would highly recommend and trust. Some of them even stop by to pick up your cape and horns as part of their service. Financial arrangements should be made in advance and directly with them.

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