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Ranch and Off-Ranch Hunts

Ranch Hunts

The great thing about hunting on a private preserve is that NO hunting license, tag or age requirement is necessary.


Our selective harvest allows the best animals to breed and produce top genetics.

The area for hunting has a 2.5 mile circumference. Most of it is on the side of a mountain, mostly woodsy, with a few open fields. Although the hunt is not guaranteed, we allow hunters to come back until they are successful at no charge.


To make your experience more enjoyable, Easton View Outfitters has two king ranch luxury tower blinds. They can accommodate up to 5 people with 8 shooting windows. They provide a comfortable overlook to our pond and grassy fields where the animals come out to feed in early morning and last light. These blinds have easy chairs and heat available for frosty and rainy days. They are an excellent place for a grandparent or parent to film their child’s or grandchild’s first hunting experience.

Off-Ranch Hunts

IMPORTANT: All hunters that wish to participate in off-site hunting at our NYS locations must be in possession of a NYS big game and small game license. All regulations hours and bag limits apply to these areas.


Off-ranch hunt areas are located in Washington and Saratoga Counties and provide both Northern and Southern zone hunts.


Our Northern zone area in Washington County at Lake Desolation, NY is just outside of the foothills of the Adirondack mountains. Currently one could expect 130 to 140 class bucks, black bear, turkey, coyote, bobcat, rough grouse, beaver and an abundance of squirrels to make Small Game attractive as well. This area has several food plots installed as well as fixed tree stands to gain the hunter additional viewing and scent free opportunities at fair chase game. You may encounter moose which would provide a great photo opportunity, however, moose are a protected species in the state of NY.


Off ranch deer hunts

We have two off preserve areas for deer hunts. Our Lake Desolation location in the Southern Adirondacks is on private land and located in the Northern Zone for Big Game season with access to state land as well. This prime area has produced whitetail in the 130 to 140 BC class. This area is only 40 minutes from our base lodge in Easton.



Additionally, we have a new site, about 7 minutes from the base lodge, that provides us quick access to a wooded swampy area where bucks hang out once the hunting pressure has kicked in. We constantly monitor the area with trail cameras to find the best travel routes in order to set up elevated tree stands. This is located in the Southern zone.


Off ranch turkey hunts

We offer both Northern and southern zone turkey opportunities in the spring and fall with the published seasons in your NYS syllabus. As our guides are constantly in the field, they tend to spot and record locations of the highest volume of turkey numbers throughout our farmland areas. As Turkey’s are highly mobile, hot spots tend to change with the turkey’s feeding and breeding habits. As most turkey hunting is mostly early morning activity, one should be prepared to be an early riser. Most of our hunts are over by 10:00 AM. Our guides are proficient callers and locaters and used the latest decoys to ensure our clients get their best opportunity.


Off ranch Predator Hunts

One of the most exciting game hunts that one will ever experience is predator hunting. These unique animals have adapted their skills to hunt at night and in the very early morning hours on our lands. They have exceptional hearing and eyesight which makes them an exceptional trophy animal. We have the latest in camo, collars, and bating techniques that will increase your chances of being successful. We have night vision, scoped rifles, available for rent to increase the odds in your favor. Our hunting setups may include the use of a shotgun, as predators come in hard and fast not allowing for long-range shots. A NYS small game hunting license is required.

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